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Rather than an object, a plant occurs to me as a moving space, as a parallel universe. They make me aware of a different time flow. Beside this, their presence is silent. Rooted in the ground they're immobile and seems motionless as a rock. But their silence is their disguise. A plant changes by growing and a tree can turn itself slowly in order to get better light circumstances. It's this movement peculiarly which touches me strongly and gives me a magic feeling. These changes are invisible in the moment, aren't to experience, they take place outside of my conscience. Only the history of the movement gets revealed. For example you can see the rotation of a tree by the development in the structure of the bark. Or the change of a plant by its expansion trough repetitiveness. The notion that there are different time levels raises for me the question what is space about? In the fundament I don’t understand it while at the same time I have a one to one relation with it through my senses. Almost al my work is an attempt to intensify this connection in order to understand the importance of it, rather than search for a definition.

Ilona Plaum 2012

06 29114244

Oostzijde 355 
1508 EP  Zaandam

De wittenkade 170
1051 AP Amsterdam

Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 1-3
1019 RA Amsterdam
06 15475473



Common Ground
30.03.2021 - 17.04.2021
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam (solo)


Art Rotterdam
Presented by Galerie dudokdegroot, Rotterdam
postphoned to
30.06.21 - 04.07.21

Unseen, Photofair A’dam

postphoned to 2021


Unseen at the gallery
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam

Nu nog de rest
Emergent, Veurne (Be)

Pictures from another wall
Collectie Huis Marseille,
Museum De Pont, Tilburg

De smaak te pakken
20.10.2018 -10.03.2019
Gorcums museum, Gorinchem

See what you know
12.10.2018 -28.10.2018
Quartair, Toussaintkade 55, Den Haag

Unseen, Photofair A’dam
21.09.2018 -23.09.2018
Duo presentation with Paul Bogaers

Impact van het hoogst onwaarschijnlijke
17.08.2018 - 16.09.2018
Black Swan Gallery, Brugge(Be)

Voorbij de aanwezigheid
01.07.2018 - 28.07.2018
Pavilion Contemporary Art Watou, Watou (Be)

Collect. Reorder. System. Sequence. Stillness
03.03.2018 - 07.04.2018
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam

Objectification of the inexplicable
03.11.2017 - 23.12.2017
37PK, Haarlem

08.07.2017 - 22.07.2017
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Artfair
18.05.2017 - 21.05.2017
Kunsthal Koper, Amsterdam

Zes voor zes, Artfair
06.04.2017 - 17.04.2017
Bagagedepot loods zes, Amsterdam

Lick it, stick it, rock it & roll it
24.03.2017 & 26.03.2017
Sugarpop institute, Haarlem

Uplifted (duo)
07.01.2017 - 11.02.2017
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam

Let it blossom
25.06.2015 - 30.07.2016
Galerie dudokdegroot, Amsterdam

Size matters | We like art
03.12.2015 - 07.02.2016
Tetem, kunstruimte Enschede

20 Years of deferred value
03.12.2015 van 17.00 -23.00
Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

Staging a view (Solo)
14.11.2015 - 19.12.2015
Kunstruimte Block C, Groningen 

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

Auction at Christie's | Young in prison
18.10.2015 - 4 pm till 6 pm
Christie's Amsterdam

Art Rotterdam
04.02.2015 - 08.02.2015
We like art

Nieuwe Vide: On View | In Focus | Backstage
01.11.2014 - 02.11.2014
Grote zaal, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem
We like art
04.09.2014 - 07.09.2014
Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Umland (Be)
11.05.2014 - 15.06.2014
CC Belgica Vila De Olmen

Closer than thoughts (Solo)
22.05.2014 - 01.06.2014
Seelevel galerie, Amsterdam 

's Gravenhaarlem
(part 2: Nieuwe Vide)
10.01.2014 - 02.03.2014
De Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 

The rediscovery of the world
07.09.2013 - 14.12.2013
Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

A combination of
12.01.2013 - 20.01.2013
Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus, Den Haag