Rather than an object, a plant occurs to me as a moving space, as a parallel universe. They make me aware of a different time flow. Beside this, their presence is silent. Rooted in the ground they're immobile and seems motionless as a rock. But their silence is their disguise. A plant changes by growing and a tree can turn itself slowly in order to get better light circumstances. It's this movement peculiarly which touches me strongly and gives me a magic feeling. These changes are invisible in the moment, aren't to experience, they take place outside of my conscience. Only the history of the movement gets revealed. For example you can see the rotation of a tree by the development in the structure of the bark. Or the change of a plant by its expansion trough repetitiveness.

The notion that there are different time levels raises for me the question what is space about? In the fundament I don’t understand it while at the same time I have a one to one relation with it through my senses. Almost al my work is an attempt to intensify this connection in order to understand the importance of it, rather than search for a definition.

Ilona Plaum
Feb 2012

Het parool
De Marseillaise
We like art
De herontdekking van de wereld

'Between shadow & soul', Haarlem 2012 Openingswoord door Nanda van den Berg

Now / Past

'De verzakelijking van het ondoorgrondelijke'
03.11.2017 - 23.12.2017
37PK, Haarlem

Groepstentoonstelling met Semâ Bekirovic, Michel François, Marieke Gelissen, André Kruysen, Ilona Plaum, Sven Verhaeghe

'Twee' Groepstentoonstelling
08.07.2017 - 22.07.2017
Galerie Dudok De Groot

Amsterdam Artfair | Dudok de Groot
18.05.2017 - 21.05.2017
Amsterdam Artfair

Kunstbeurs Zes voor Zes
06.04.2017 - 17.04.2017
Rento Brattinga Galerie

Lick it, Stick it, Rock it & roll it
24.03.2017 & 26.03.2017
Sugarpop institute, Haarlem

Groepstentoonstelling met Ruth van Beek, Boris de Beijer, Sara Bjarland, Gerbrand Burger, Conny Kuilboer, Ilona Plaum, Mathias Prenen, Pieter van der Schaaf, Kato Six, Mari Stoel.

'Spatial attitude' (duo exhibition)
07.01.2017 - 11.02.2017
Rento Brattinga Galerie

Let it blossom
25.06.2015 - 30.07.2016
Rento Brattinga Galerie

Size Matters | We like art
03.12.2015 - 07.02.2016
Tetem, kunstruimte Enschede

20 Years of deferred value
03.12.2015 van 17.00 -23.00
Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

'The space in my hand' (Solo)
14.11.2015 - 19.12.2015
Kunstruimte Block C

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

Auction at Christie's | Young in prison
18.10.2015 - 4 pm till 6 pm
Christie's Amsterdam

Art Rotterdam
04.02.2015 - 08.02.2015
We like art

Nieuwe Vide: On View | In Focus | Backstage
01.11.2014 & 02.11.2014
Grote zaal, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

'Interview marathon met vele studiohuurders door artistiek directeur Nathalie Hartjes.

We like art
04.09.2014 - 07.09.2014
Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

'Umland' (Be)
11.05.2014 - 15.06.2014
CC Belgica & Vila De Olmen

Een groepstentoonstelling samengesteld door Els Wuyts met werk van Elke Andreas Boon, Ilona Plaum, Lucie Renneboog, Mira Sanders, Sven Verhaeghe en Karel Verhoeven.

'Closer than thoughts' (Solo)
22.05.2014 - 01.06.2014
Seelevel galerie

's Gravenhaarlem
(part 2: Nieuwe Vide)
10.01.2014 - 02.03.2014
De Nieuwe Vide

'De Herontdekking van de wereld'
07.09.2013 - 14.12.2013
Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

'A combination of'
12.01.2013 - 20.01.2013
Liefhertje en
De Grote Witte Reus, Den Haag